gosh your lips look delicious
Kurt and Blaine are just friends that's why they made out in the backseat of a car while they tried to tear each others clothes off and then proceeded to have sex in a hotel room.

 klainer(s) looking for a hug

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We have Darren..and we have Chris. <3

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Action flick or scary movie?

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“I can sing high and sing low…”

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chaz donaldsworth?: Drabble: Drunk Texts from Last Night


Summary: Because Katie was drunk texting me last night and it basically made me think of how Blaine would text when drunk. So, Cooper takes Blaine out drinking and Kurt gets these texts as the night progresses.

Blaine (5:35) Cooper just blew into town. Without…

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that's not eggnog!: darrenchristopher: devonant prompted: chris is a famous book writer...


devonant prompted: chris is a famous book writer and is doing a book signing and darren’s best friend drags him there

“No.” Darren says bluntly, leaning over Jenna to open the door for her to get out of his car. “You asked me to drive you here, not to go…

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